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served all day

breakfast sandwich  

eggs, cheese, avocado smash, pico de gallo, sausage on ciabatta


the roosterloo burrito

cheesy eggs, potatoes, bacon, chimmi sauce, pico de gallo


veggie tay-tos

potatoes, seasonal vegetables, romano cheese, fresh herbs


add egg $1 add meat $1

croque madame

sliced baguette, ham, swiss cheese, bechamel sauce, topped with a sunny-side up egg



starts at 11 am

tomato  bisque

cup $3.50 bowl $5

heirloom tomato & melon salad

heirloom tomatoes, melon, burrata, herb mozzarella, on a bed of lemony greens


house salad

carrots, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cheese, on a bed of greens dressed with an herb vinaigrette


add chicken $2

meatball sandwich

homemade italian style meatball with provolone and fresh basil on baguette


portobello mushroom sandwich

roasted portobello mushroom, swiss cheese, roasted red

pepper mayonnaise, zesty lemon arugula on a ciabatta roll


the ab&b

almond butter, bananas, honey, on le petit outre’s Birdman Bread


grilled cheese of the day


add a side

salad $1 chips $2 soup $3

roosterloo eatery _ web.jpg

Start Your Day with us


roosterloo is proud to serve Doma Coffee for our coffee and espresso beverages. not only do they serve an exceptional roast, but their commitment to community values and sustainable practices is a company we raise our morning cup to. come by for your daily dose of Chronic and watch the planes take off over the beautiful Missoula mountains.